The 2nd ACM International Conference on the Theory of Information Retrieval
University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA
September 13-16, 2016
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Founded in 1991, Microsoft Research is dedicated to conducting both basic and applied research in computer science and software engineering. More than 1,100 brilliant scientists and engineers focus on more than 55 areas of computing and openly collaborate with leading academic, governmental, and industrial researchers to advance the state of the art of computing, help fuel the long-term growth of Microsoft and its products, and solve some of the world's toughest problems through technological innovation.

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http://acm.orgACM (Association for Computing Machinery), the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. ACM provides the computing field's premier Digital Library and serves its members and the computing profession with leading-edge publications, conferences, and career resources.

The ACM Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval (SIGIR) focuses on all aspects of information storage, retrieval and dissemination, including research strategies, output schemes and system evaluations.

The University of Delaware is a land-grant, sea-grant, space-grant, and urban-grant research university with 67 different doctoral programs, nearly 1,000 faculty, 4,500 graduate students, and 22,000 undergraduates. 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia, it is easy to visit by plane, train, or automobile.


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